First Aid/CPR

First Aid and CPR Training Courses for Your Program

In the State of Minnesota, all child care centers, senior care centers, adult daycare programs, and family care facilities are required to have employees with official first aid and CPR training. This is in accordance with the Child Care Center Rule 3 Licensing standards. And in case of emergency, these are necessary skills to have to ensure the wellbeing of the children in your care.

Though Partners in Quality Care does not provide hands-on first aid and CPR training to these facilities, we can put you in touch with the American Red Cross to help you receive these professional certifications. New certification courses are five hours long and are taught by a Red Cross certified instructor.

Which First Aid & CPR Classes are Needed for Your Child Care Center?

There are many different first aid and CPR classes out there; trying to understand which classes are necessary for your staff can be difficult. Because specific skills are required for the Rule 3 standards, there are certain classes you should take over others. The experts at Partners in Quality Care can point you in the right direction!

CPR Classes

Early Childhood CPR Classes
Performing CPR on children is very different from adults. Though the Red Cross does not offer single classes dedicated to child and infant-only CPR, your child care center staff will need to take classes that incorporate pediatric CPR.

Adult Care CPR Classes
Senior care and adult daycare center employees are required to take CPR classes in order to obtain and keep their licenses. The Red Cross offers adult-only CPR/AED classes, which are valid for a period of time until the certifications need to be renewed.

First Aid Classes

Early Childhood First Aid Classes
Just like with the CPR training, first aid for children and infants is different from adult first aid. There are certain rules you must follow; therefore your employees will need to take a pediatric and adult first aid class versus a general adult first aid class.

Adult Daycare First Aid Classes
In the event of an emergency, your employees will need to be able to act fast and respond with the proper first aid care necessary for any accident. A Red Cross certified instructor will teach the need-to-know basics of adult first aid care.

The first aid and CPR classes offered by the Red Cross are very interactive and hands on, and are taught by a certified Red Cross instructor. The Red Cross also offers classes that incorporate first aid and CPR training in one, so your employees can receive the full experience in one class. But what if your employees have already gotten their certifications, but they’re up for renewal?

CPR Renewal Certification

If your child care center or adult daycare employees have taken their first aid and CPR training courses in the past, they are going to need to renew their certifications at some point. The Red Cross offers three-hour certification courses for renewals.

For guidance on which classes your childcare classes need to take, contact us today!