Early Childhood Quality Improvement

Early Childhood Quality Improvement

In order to be a licensed child care center in the State of Minnesota, you are required to meet specific licensing laws, known as the Child Care Rule 3 Licensing standards. The purpose of this is to protect the health, safety, and overall well-being of the children in care.

Along with these standards, your child care center can continue on its path for quality improvement by applying to be NAEYC accredited as well as Parent Aware accredited. These accreditations are things parents search for when choosing a quality child care center. Partners in Quality Care can help centers apply for these accreditations, as well as help coach and train child care center leaders to maintain the accreditation and the Child Care Rule 3 standards.

First, let’s take a look at some of the standards that the State of Minnesota requires under the Child Care Rule 3 License.

Child Care Rule 3 Licensing Standards

Once every child care center and family child care provider has applied for a license in Minnesota, the license is approved if that center meets the standards. However, in order to keep that license, the Minnesota Department of Human Services representatives visit every licensed center two times per year to ensure they’re continuing these standards. Therefore, it’s up to each center to maintain these standards. But sometimes these standards can be hard to understand without professional guidance. This is why Partners in Quality Care is here to help!

Some of the standards the Minnesota Department of Human Resources has in their laws includes

  • Staff Ratios and Group Size Requirements
  • Naps and Rest Requirements
  • Furnishings, Equipment, Materials, and Supplies Requirements
  • Parent Visitation Requirements
  • Center Administrative Records Requirements
  • Transportation Requirements
  • And More

NAEYC Accreditation

NAEYC accreditation for early learning centers is entirely voluntary, but an excellent way to build a positive reputation in the industry and gain from the benefits that come from it.

Accreditation with NAEYC can help families recognize your child care facility as a quality program as well as allow parents to feel comfortable sending their children to child care every day. Though the process of receiving that accreditation can get confusing with the paperwork and application process, Partners in Quality Care is here to aid in all the training.

Parent Aware Accreditation

With a Parent Aware accreditation, your child care facility will join the mission to provide quality child care and education that children need to succeed. Is it time your child care facility goes above and beyond for health and safety requirements?

Why Should You Get a Parent Aware Rating?

  • It’s Free
  • Grow as a Professional
  • CACFP Benefits

Interested in continuing your center’s quality improvement goals? Learn how Partners in Quality Care is here to help.

Early Childhood Consulting and Training Services

To increase the quality of care in your early childhood program, it’s important you understand the rules set in place by the state of Minnesota. Following these standards can improve the well-being of the children in your child care center, open doors for your child care facility, and ultimately help your center maintain its license.

Here’s where we come in:

Classroom Observations

Part of our ongoing consulting will include continuous classroom observations. A Partners in Quality Care member will visit your center throughout the year to verify your facility is meeting all of its licensing standards.

Room Arrangements

The Rule 3 Licensing laws require the layout for every child care center room to meet specific quality standards. We will rearrange the layout of every room in your center to follow these standards, which are in place to protect the safety of the children.

Coaching and Consultation

Partners in Quality Care provides Child Care Rule 3 Licensing consultations, as well as accreditation application support and training for early childhood programs leaders and employees in the State of Minnesota.

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