Early Childhood Consulting Services

​Partners in Quality Care provides consulting services to help your program improve and maintain quality standards. With our training and assistance, your center could get fewer licensing findings each year because we’ll make sure your center is meeting all the licensing standards. Our consulting services include assistance with early childhood accreditation as well as early childhood quality improvement.

Early Childhood Accreditation

High-quality learning during the early childhood years has been linked to a child’s positive, long-term outcomes in life. This can include better educational milestones, healthier lifestyles, and overall well-being. This is why parents look at accredited centers first when signing their young children up for child care.

Partners in Quality Care provides early childhood accreditation consulting and training for child care centers in the Twin Cities metro area.

Early Childhood Quality Improvement

To obtain and keep an early childhood license in the State of Minnesota, you must follow specific licensing laws, known Child Care Rule 3 Licensing standards you are required to meet These laws help protect the health, safety, and overall well-being of the children in your care.

Partners in Quality Care can observe, consult, and train, child care center leaders to maintain these standards to keep their licenses.

How Much Does CACFP Consulting Cost?

We have one monthly fee for unlimited consulting services. Your center is assigned a dedicated site support person. The list of services below is included in the monthly fee. Our services include:

  • Administrative File Audit
  • Staff File Audit
  • Child File Audit
  • Classroom licensing compliance assessments
  • Building and grounds licensing compliance assessments
  • Unlimited visits, phone calls, and emails

The monthly fee depends on how many children attend your center, on average, every day and on how many shifts your center has. We promise the fees are affordable! Please contact us for a quick, no-obligation estimate.