The USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program
​for Adult Daycare Centers

The USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides money for healthy meals.
You can participate in the Food Program if your program is a
  • Nonprofit licensed adult daycare center
  • For-profit licensed adult daycare center and 25% of the adults in your care receive Medicaid/Medicare
Being on the CACFP adds just a few extra steps. If you are already providing meals to the adults in your care, then you are already doing most of what you need to do to receive CACFP funds.
Every day, you need to:
  • Keep sign-in/sign-out sheets
  • Record which participants ate using paper or an easy mobile app
  • Record your menu

Every month, you need to:
  • Send your meal counts, menus and receipts to Partners in Quality Care

Every year, you need to:
  • Have participants fill out income forms
  • Receive training from Partners in  Quality Care

​Get started today!
The first step is to contact us by phone or email. First, we’ll make sure that you can participate in the CACFP.

If you are eligible to participate, we’ll
  • provide training,
  • help you collect the forms you need, and
  • review your existing menus or help you set up new ones.

You usually start getting paid as soon as you are keeping all the required records.