The USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program

The USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program provides money for healthy meals.
You can participate in the Food Program if your program is a
  • Nonprofit licensed child care center
  • For-profit licensed child care center and 25% of the children come from low-income households
  • Afterschool program that is located in a certain area (contact us and we'll tell you if your location counts)
  • Nonprofit licensed adult daycare
  • For-profit licensed adult daycare and 25% of the adults are from low-income households
  • Emergency shelter
Partners in Quality Care/Partners in Nutrition can support your participation in the Food Program. We have experienced staff including a registered dietitian and a former child care center director. Here's what we do:
  • Help you get your application materials together
  • Customize Food Program forms for your center
  • Review your menus and recipes to make sure they count
  • Attend any visits from the Minnesota Department of Education
  • Double-check that your center has put every participant in the right income category, that your attendance and meal count calculations were done correctly
  • Help you keep track of Food Program expenses
  • Provide on-site training for owners, directors, lead staff, classroom staff and volunteers
  • Help you figure out how to take care of children that need a special diet
  • Help you get ready for your administrative review from the Minnesota Department of Education (which occurs every three years and is announced in advance)
We charge a monthly consulting fee for our Food Program services. The fee is on a sliding scale depending on the number of youth or seniors that come to your center. Contact us for an estimate of how much money you could get from the Food Program and our monthly Food Program consulting fee.
While we can make Food Program participation easier and safer, Partners in Quality Care/Partners in Nutrition is not a sponsoring organization for the Food Program in Minnesota. That means that your center needs to manage the Food Program and take financial and administrative responsibility.
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